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Black bag group of the goddess of war

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Black bag group of the goddess of war

At the same time, I also want to know who is doing this to me today. This palace is somewhat desolate, and it can be seen that it should not be inhabited for a long time. But it is not the slightest waste, but everywhere is clean. It should be because someone often cleans it. There is no plaque outside the door. Dongshu walked slowly into the inner hall and found a man on the bed in the inner hall. Dongshu walked over and looked at the man in a daze, with some babbling in her mouth from time to time. Looks like he's been drugged. But looking at each other's disheveled clothes, is it difficult to just want to use this dirty way to destroy their reputation? I don't think it looks like it. The next second, Dongshu smelled the smell of fireworks. Looking back, there was a big fire outside the palace. There should be combustion-supporting materials, otherwise it is impossible to burn so fast in the process of walking. At this time, the fire is very big and very fast. Chapter 462 Phoenix Road 33. This should be their back hand. Anyway, burn Dongshu and a man here. Dead people can't talk anyway. Therefore, after the death of Dongshu, the reputation of uncleanness is set. And this man, I guess, will not be a good one. Of course, there is a more important point. This palace. If Dongshu did not guess wrong, this palace used to be inhabited by a favorite concubine of the Emperor of the Southern Liang Dynasty. It is said that the concubine was favored for only three years, and then she died. The emperor of the Southern Liang Dynasty had been sad for a long time, and even her palace had been kept. Just took off the plaque. The emperor's heart tip good palace was burned, the mood will not be good, for Dongshu with a strange man, but the result of the burning of the palace, want to also will not carefully investigate, and even lead to anger. The other side took all the details into account. Is this a simple attempt to drag yourself into the water? Or do you want to drag the Helian clan into the water? Is this the handwriting of the three princes, or the handwriting of the six princes, or. The prince's handwriting. Dong Shu in the heart of the calculation, their own bad whose interests. The three princes are one. After all, the Murong clan was pulled down, Dongshu contributed a lot, and the name can not be removed. Therefore, if the three princes want to start, it is also possible. But this matter, and GongSunShi intervention. If there is anything between Gongsun and the three princes, then the three princes are more likely to be the biggest suspect behind the scenes. But if.. There is nothing between Gongsun Shi and the three princes, it is the idea of the prince faction, then. Today's game, just simply want to kill Dongshu. As for the reason? Probably because of the dismount of the La Murong clan, he performed too well? The prince felt that he was a threat, and because of his presence, Helian Jiao was dismissive of the prince. This makes the prince want to draw ChunYu and, also can't draw up. Therefore, the prince faction wanted to get rid of himself, inflatable amusement park , and then win Chunyu over by controlling Helian Jiao. In this way, the prince faction also has a reason to get rid of themselves. And the six princes. In fact, there is a motive. After all, before the Yancheng magistrate behind the matter, Dongshu actually did not know. With her keen political sense of smell and analytical ability, she came to the conclusion that the magistrate of Yancheng might not be clean, and then let the six princes go to check. If there is no result, then the six princes feel that they have been played, want to put Dongshu together, is also possible. Therefore, all three factions are possible. Of course, someone else could have done it. It's just a long shot. What we need to see now is, who can get the greatest benefit from the three factions in this matter? If the three princes are just for personal revenge, they use so many forces, and finally just want to execute themselves, in fact, it is too wasteful. And in the last six months, the three princes intend to keep a low profile. At this time, it is not wise to kill Dongshu. Therefore, the third prince's final profit probability is small, but can be ruled out first. Six princes is the same reason. As for the prince. East Shu heart more inclined to, this is the idea of the prince faction. Get rid of Dongshu. So as to further control Helian Jiao and draw Chunyu He. At the same time, it can also frame the six princes and attack the six princes. The fire is already very big, if Dongshu does not go, then can not go. The gate was closed tightly, and the walls of the palace were extremely high. If Murong Shi is really here, I am afraid that this time, he will be killed with the stigma of dirty water on his back. But to Dongshu here, do not bite the other side, is the mouth under the mercy. And Dongshu changed her clothes from Gongsun's palace, so she felt something was wrong. I always feel that this dress doesn't match Gongsun's style. And this material is somewhat simple, not like Gongsun's usual style. Of course, the most important thing is that the material is a little old, it should be old clothes. Collar and cuffs, if you look closely, you can actually see the fine raw edges. It should be often worn, so it is the result of severe wear. Even if Dongshu is not noble enough now, she can't wear the clothes of the prince's side concubine. But the most Ganoderma lucidum is to pick a material that is not expensive and the style is not novel. It just didn't. Lingzhi finally took out an old dress. This game seems to be getting more and more interesting. If the prince is really playing tricks behind, then Dongshu would like to thank him. Worried about how to dismount him. As a result, he came to the door himself. This express, Dongshu signed, no thanks! Smoke some choke, Dongshu gently covered his mouth and nose, and then went to the front door. Although it was a wooden door, because the fire started from the backyard and both sides,inflatable floating water park, it seemed that the door was intentionally left open. So, there's no fire at the gate. But the palace door was closed. There is no way for ordinary women. But for the big devil. There is really nothing that can't be solved by violence. If there is, then a little more spiritual blessing.

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