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Love for the Three Kingdoms

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Love for the Three Kingdoms

Dong Zhuo's debauchery is well known to the world. The means of seducing men have long been applied to him by his ancestors. When it comes to me, I'm afraid there's nothing new. So I have no chance to win, more dare not hope that such a situation can make him act according to my plan, if things really develop like this, then what is my humiliation these days? That's an ending I absolutely can't accept! So I chose the extreme of almost self-mutilation and self-abuse. In the heart of a man who is in control of the world, what else does he desire? Power and beauty are out of the question, but what about people's hearts? The human heart is the most mysterious thing in the world, the most uncontrollable thing. When a man gets a woman, it is easy to possess her body. The power of a woman cannot be compared with that of a man. But it is very difficult to make a woman follow him wholeheartedly, especially a woman who already has a heart. Why do you always hear stories about bullies robbing civilian women? Can't they find beautiful women with their power and wealth? Of course not. What they enjoy is the perverted pleasure of taking other people's wives and daughters as their own, and the psychological satisfaction of their own wealth and status in disguise. The so-called wife is not as good as a concubine, and a concubine is not as good as stealing, which is also the result of this man's abnormal psychology. Dong Zhuo nature also can't escape this law. But he is different from the general tyrant, because he is a person under one person and above ten thousand people, and now he is the first person in the world, who has long disdained the barbaric physical possession. If he wants to get a woman, it must be a complete seizure from the body to the mind, only in this way can he satisfy his abnormal desire, and when this woman is the sweetheart of his most dependent adopted son,uns c70600, the pleasure of conquering this woman's body and mind will give his abnormal mind the greatest satisfaction. I remember reading a novel before. I can't remember the hero and heroine clearly, but I was impressed by a plot in it. An evil man tried his best to get the heart of a peerless beauty. Although he was already rich in the world, he still enjoyed the process of conquest, although after he succeeded, he abandoned her like an old shoe. Yan Niang once told me about the eccentricities of rich and powerful people. She had read a lot of people, and what she said was naturally reasonable, so I decided to take a risk. Turns out,x52 line pipe, I did it, didn't I? The corners of the mouth raised a sly smile, I do not yield, I deliberately show the attachment to lyu3 bu4, Dong Zhuo may just want to play with my body, but now, have begun to care about me. I need time to realize my plan. If I can make him fall in love with me, there should be enough opportunities, right? I don't care what happens after that. This is a plan to destroy both jade and stone. I said, will let lyu3 bu4 and sable Chan go to hell with me! The twisted soul unconsciously emitted a strange breath from its expression, and the wild goose looked at me steadily for a long time. Girl, is it worth it? I was stunned. Is it worth it? I don't know. I don't even know what the point of this is. I know very well that even if I succeed, my lost feelings will not come back, uns s32750 sheet ,x60 line pipe, and my broken heart will never be restored. I just.. Not reconciled to it! "Knock" two, the voice of Tao doctor comes from outside the door: "Piaoling girl, should drink medicine. Confused eyes flash past, wavering mind no longer. In fact, at this point, even I can't turn things around unless I can turn back the clock. Yaner, where is the medicine I asked you to bring? I said coldly. She understood and took out the contraceptive pills from the bundle. Girl, you're not in good health now. Eat this again. She hesitated. It's all right, give it to me. I said lightly, took the pill from her hand, swallowed it, and said, "Please ask Dr. Tao to come in." Why do you care about this body when your heart is broken? Because of my surprise, I finally failed to live in Qinyuan, which is far away from Xiongba Xuan, but lived in the Liulan Pavilion next to Dong Zhuo's living room. Since then, nature is night after night, Dong Zhuo every day to accompany me, now even I have some don't know where is my residence. Soon a month passed, although Dong Zhuo did not have any special expression, but after such a long time still did not get tired of me, can it be understood that he had other desires for me besides the body? I have no way of knowing. Another morning, the maid pushed the door and came in to wash his face and change clothes for him, which also woke me up. I limped up and leaned against the head of the bed, my black hair hanging over my snow-white shoulders, holding the brocade quilt, and my lazy expression had a strange charm. At the beginning, lyu3 bu4 loved me very much when I got up. He always lingered and refused to leave. Now it is the same effect to deal with Dong Zhuo. No wonder they become father and son! I sneer in my heart. When the maid finished, he sat back on the edge of the bed and played with my hair gently, watching the soft hair slip through his fingertips. I was motionless, looking at him. How come you never use the jewelry I gave you? He asked, suddenly clenching the hair in his hand. I smiled faintly: "If you need to use those things to add beauty, it is not qualified to stay in the side of the grand master." He burst out laughing and stroked my cheek. "You didn't disappoint me. You're always so special." He looked at me. Suddenly, with a deep meaning, he said slowly, "I heard that my son took Diao Chan to his home." My face turned pale in an instant, and I looked straight into his eyes and saw some chagrin and pride. Chagrin about what? What are you proud of? So.. So it's true? There was a sudden pain in his heart, and even his red lips seemed to have lost their color. He looked at me, and his eyes suddenly became unfathomable. He stood up, straightened his clothes, and said, "I'm going to leave for the dock today. The officials will hold a banquet outside the Hengmen Gate. You can come too." I didn't know why he suddenly asked me to attend the farewell dinner,x70 line pipe, and I didn't want to guess. I just answered in a low voice: "Yes." He took another deep look at me and finally went out. I sat on the bed, biting my lower lip, and my heart was in a mess. Wandering pig 2007-06-19 23:28.

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